Why Choose a Design Build Firm?

Remodeling your home is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of time, money and patience! But there are many companies out there that say they specialize in home remodeling – from architects to general contractors to design build firms. So which one should you choose for your next remodeling project? We recommend going with a design build firm like 5th Generation Contracting. Here are some reasons why a design-build firm is the best choice.

  1. Your design work is done in-house and is constructed by our builders.

By keeping all the work in one place, you cut down on the hassle of having to find a separate architect and general contractor. This also allows us to better estimate building costs and a construction timeline to keep you on budget!

  1. The client will have a much better sense of the true investment of the project.

Design-build firms  are able to track and measure costs more accurately throughout the whole process because they work with the homeowner every step of the way. These firms make sure the homeowner is fully on board with any changes to the design or build before the plan is put into action.

  1. The client is actively involved in every step of the entire process.

Design build firms act as a partner and a guide for clients throughout the project. Their job is to make sure the client has continuous support during each of the project’s phases – from conception to creation. This continuity helps build a trusting relationship between the client and the design build firm so the project can progress smoothly.

  1. The client receives more frequent, transparent communication about the project.

Because the company’s entire team is involved in the project, everyone is invested in the its success. Daily communication within the team as well as with the homeowner is a key element of this process. Any issues can addressed quickly and efficiently.

  1. There is total accountability for how the project turns out.

The design build firm is solely responsible for the planning and execution of the remodeling project – so there is no way to “pass the buck” onto someone else if problems arise. But design build firms also put several checks in place to make sure errors don’t occur – such as a sign off sheet for the initial plans and punch-out list when the project is completed. Finally, most design build firms offer solid warranties on their work to ease the homeowner’s mind.

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