Homeowner and Community Association Buildings, Clubhouses, and Pools

Living in a neighborhood community has a lot of perks and benefits, including shared buildings, clubhouses, and pools. These spaces allow residents to socialize, join in activities, and make new friends in a safe and comfortable environment. Unfortunately, many developments often lose members due to poorly designed or maintained community spaces. On the other hand, well-designed and maintained clubhouses and pools can both boost sales and prevent homeowners from moving to other neighborhoods featuring better amenities.

Signs It’s Time for a Remodel

If your community buildings have begun to look shabby or as out-of-date, it may be time to invest in more than some new landscaping. Since the highest areas of impact for a community are its entrance, pool, and clubhouse, these areas should be prioritized. Lobbiesshould be updated every five to six years and hallways should be updated at least every ten years. Following hotel industry standards, any interior finish older than seven years should be upgraded due to health issues which can arise from mold and other allergens. From a financial standpoint, high utility bills and low rental requests rates definite signs that your community buildings are in need of updates. Aging equipment (HVAC systems, plumbing, and kitchen appliances) may be leading to higher utility bills making repairs or replacements a financial necessity. Too often communities try to stretch out the times between their building remodels, but that means you fall behind your competition.

Value to Residents

  • Bring In New Tenants and Home-Owners: Potential tenants and homeowners are looking for deluxemulti-use facilities and amenities. A beautiful clubhouse and pool can help your community make a great first impression.
  • Revenue Centers:Well-designed, updated clubhouses are valuable revenue-producing centers. These spaces are sought after for parties and other community events.
  • CommunityPride:Remodeling your clubhouse and pool buildings sends the message to residents and the larger community that you are interested in growth and development.
  • Increased Property Values:A remodel will often create a measurable return on investment, while increasing property values.

5th Gen

Make an excellent and competitive first impression to residents, visitors, and potential tenants and buyers while increasing revenue, community pride, and property values. Contact 5th Generation Contracting to design, build, and/or remodely our community association buildings to your exact expectations and desires. By choosing 5th Generation Contracting you will have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that your work will be done perfectly, and supported for years to come.