Common Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Mistakes

No matter how comfortable the rest of your house is, family and guests tend to congregate in the hardest working space in your home—your kitchen. A kitchen remodel or renovation can add to the value of your home, make your kitchen even more inviting, and make preparing meals more efficient and enjoyable. Save yourself time, money, and stress during the renovation, by avoiding these common design and remodel mistakes:


Mistake #1: Forgetting Workflow When Choosing a Layout

When planning your remodel, remember “the golden triangle” of your kitchen’s busiest areas: the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Make sure you have unobstructed access to and from these three locations and that they are efficiently located near each other to increase convenience and reduce bottlenecks.


Mistake #2: Limited Counter Space and Incorrect Counter Heights

One of the biggest complaints about kitchen design is the lack of countertops. Max out your countertop space and be sure they are tailored to your height. You may want to consider dual-level worktops if there’s a vast height difference between members of your household.


Mistake #3: Choosing Appliances Last

Appliances should be chosen before your remodel begins because it is easier to choose cabinets and countertops to fit your appliances than the other way around. This will give you a space-efficient and seamless look.


Mistake #4: Not Enough Storage

Storage is essential when it comes to kitchen supplies. A great way to be sure that everything will have a place in your new kitchen is to make an inventory of everything you are needing to store and then working with your builder to be sure there is space for each item.


Mistake #5: Limited Lighting

Your kitchen needs three types of lighting: general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting (over prep areas), and accent lighting (to highlight special spaces and collections). Choose whiter bulbs for your task lighting and warmer tones for your general and accent lighting. Identify where you want each fixture before work begins since they will require electrical service.


Mistake #6: Inadequate Ventilation

Inexpensive range hoods simply circulate hot, dirty air, allowing airborne grease particles to land on your new kitchen’s surfaces or travel to other rooms. A quality ventilation system that vents stale air and odors through ductwork and then out of your home (through a wall or the roof) will help improve the quality of your indoor air and keep your kitchen cleaner.


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