Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project

When hiring a new employee for your business, you utilize a set of guidelines and standards to help you find the best candidate for the job. You’ll want to do the same when choosing your home remodeling contractor.

What’s Your Final Vision?

Before you even begin your search for a remodeling contractor, you’ll want to have a clear vision for what and how you want to remodel. If you need help with design details, consult a designer or focus your search toward design/build firms.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations, Research Online Reviews

Begin creating your list of possible contractors by asking your friends, relatives, and neighbors who are homeowners about their recent remodeling experiences. Not only will this help you to narrow down your list, it will also give you a good idea about who to avoid. Research online review sites (Angie’s List, Yelp, BBB, etc.) as well as social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Check Out Portfolios

Check out each contractor’s physical or online portfolio. Look for portfolios to feature several different projects and include multiple before, during, and after photos. After analyzing each contractor’s portfolio, you can see the scope of projects they have completed. You can also eliminate those who do not specialize in the type of remodel you are planning.

Licensing and Insurance

You’ll want to do some homework to ensure the contractors you are considering have the proper licensing and insurance. Be sure you have each company’s full name and address along with license and insurance policy numbers to verify that the contractor has a current state license and adequate insurance coverage. Reputable contractors will have no problem promptly supplying you with any of this information.

Interview Candidates and Check References

After narrowing down your list of possible contractors, it is time to interview your choices and ask for a list of references with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates for each job. If the supplied list of references is long, choose a few recent projects and a few older projects. Ask questions about timelines, budgets, workers, and results. Keep detailed notes of each phone call for future reference.

Trust 5th Generation Contracting for Your Home Remodeling Project

At 5th Generation Contracting, we are with you every step of the way during your remodel—that includes the time before it even begins! We have several projects posted on our website and will happily supply you with additional projects from our portfolio upon request, as well as references and license/insurance information. We understand that a home remodel is a big decision and we are here to answer any questionsyou may have. You can feel confident that when you choose 5th Generation Contractingfor your home remodel, you’re choosing the best in the business!