When is the Best Time of Year for Remodeling Projects?

As you begin to prepare your home for the holidays you may look around and wonder when is the best time of the year for your upcoming home remodeling projects. The truth is that any time is the right time if your schedule and budget allow for it, but you may want to consider a few guidelines.

Remodeling in Autumn

Autumn weather is ideal for outdoor work and new construction starts, but the impending holidays are often a looming deadline for homeowners. If you want your remodel to be completed before your family sits down to their Thanksgiving turkey or to open their Christmas gifts, you will want to partner with a contractor who guarantees the work will be done in time and has a proven track record for making that happen.

Remodeling in Winter

In Georgia, we are not often faced with the extreme winter weather conditions that some of our northern neighbors experience. However, winter still brings us shorter daylight hours which can play a huge role in the completion of outside renovations. Winter months are actually a good time to start a home addition because frozen ground and dry air are preferable to muddy ground and humidity when it comes to digging foundations. Once your foundation is completed and your room addition is framed, your new space will be under cover and protected going into the spring season.

Remodeling in Spring

As everyone comes out of their winter hibernation and receives their tax refund checks, the desire to build and remodel is at its peak. Projects geared toward outdoor living (decks, patios, etc.) are at the top of many homeowners’ wishlists. These projects are well suited to spring since the softer ground is optimal for hand-digging and the projects are often completed in time for the homeowners to enjoy in the coming summer months.

Remodeling in Summer

Longer days and cooperative weather make the summer months perfect for indoor work such as kitchen, bathroom, and other interior remodeling projects. Windows and doors can also often be kept open to allow for air circulation and quicker dissipation of smells.

 No Matter the Season, Choose 5th Generation Contracting

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