Your Formal Dining Room: Reclaim It or Rethink It? 

Now that the holiday season has arrived, one of your home’s most underutilized rooms will likely be taking center stage—your formal dining room. Friends and family may be gathering around your beautiful dining room table decked with fine china and crystal to enjoy a holiday meal or two, but how are you using this space the rest of the year?

Reclaim Your Formal Dining Room

If you have eat-in options for your kitchen, you probably aren’t using your formal dining room to its full potential. It’s time to change your dining routine and reclaim your dining room. A formal dining room offers an area separate from the where you prepared your culinary masterpieces to enjoy your meal without looking at the mess and considering the upcoming clean up. The separate cooking and dining spaces also help cooks stay focused on their tasks rather than trying to maintain a conversation with their guests during meal preparation. The best reason to reclaim your formal dining room is that by eating in this space you can elevate your everyday life and make every meal a special occasion—even takeout!

Time to Rethink This Space

Compartmentalized floor plans are often being passed over in favor of an open concept design. Today’s families also want to inhabit every room in their home rather than set aside a formal space that is only used a few times each year. If you consider the square footage of your formal dining room to be wasted space in your home, you may want to consider better utilizing this space as a:

  • home office
  • craft room
  • home-schooling space
  • spare bedroom
  • homework room
  • library
  • entertainment room
  • playroom
  • sitting room
  • wine room
  • music room
  • card room
  • meditation/yoga room

An easy way to determine how to best repurpose your formal dining room space is to look at what is piled on and around the dining table. This will give you a good idea of what you are currently using this space for and what your family needs.

Whichever Option You Choose for Your Formal Dining Room…Choose 5th Generation Contracting

At 5th Generation Contracting, we know the importance of family and we know that every family is unique, which is why we are perfectly suited to help you with all of your dining room needs. Whether you choose a formal dining room in your new home build, an update of your current formal dining room, or you’ve decided to repurpose your dining room space to create a more well suited room for your family, we can help you to make your design dreams come true. Contact ustoday to tell us your ideas for your home.