Commercial Renovations:  Benefits and Concerns

Generally more cost effective than new construction, commercial renovations provide a range of benefits to owners, employees, and the community. Building owners looking to capitalize on these benefits may still have questions. At 5th Generation Contracting we are always interested in sharing our knowledge and personal experience with current and potential clients. Consider the benefits and concerns of a commercial renovation and then contact us to discuss your project and ideas.

Benefits of Commercial Renovations

Current employees, students, or organization members will feel a sense of pride that their building, office space, school, or institution is being renovated. This tends to energize a team leading to increased energy and employee efficiency. A well designed commercial renovation can also attract new employees. Beyond employee happiness, an obvious advantage of a commercial renovation is the resulting increase in property value, with the more substantial renovations reflected in future resale value.

Common Concerns of Commercial Renovation Projects

Commercial renovation projects can be quitecomplexand each is unique, but the top two concerns tend to be the budget and the schedule. A pre-planned (but flexible) budget will keep expenses in line and on track. Careful planning and clear communication can reduce costly rework and change orders, but surprises can pop up in even the most well intentioned and detailed projects. It is important to expect a few unexpected obstacles. Businesses can rarely shut down for months during a renovation which means they must make adjustments such as moving to a temporary location. This upheaval can often affect productivity, making everyone eager to get back to business as usual as soon as possible. While each construction project is very unique, an experienced contractor should be able to factor your project’s specific details to give you an estimated timeline and schedule.

Partner with 5th Generation Contracting on Your Commercial Renovation Projects

Selecting the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make when undertaking a commercial renovation. If you are ready to improve the function and use of a commercial space with a renovation, partner with the best design and build team in the business—5th Generation Contracting! Our team is experienced in working with a variety of municipalities, historical boards, and architectural boards as well aszoning, state and local building codes, and numerous other applicable rules and regulations. To get started on your commercial renovation or discuss your ideas, contact 5th Generation Contracting today!