2019 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Kitchen backsplashes have moved beyond basic rectangular tiles to feature a variety of new shapes, sizes, colors, materials, finishes, and designs. Here are just a few ways that kitchen backsplashes are being transformed into impressive and artistic focal points in 2019.

Shapes: Subway Tiles and Fish Scales

Subway tiles are hardly a new trend and thanks to their classic look they will never go out of style. However, more colored grout and tile combinations are popping up to expand on the basic white tiles and white grout combo. Moving beyond square and rectangle shapes, hexagon shaped tiles were big in 2018, but the hottest tile shape for 2019 is fish scale. Their curved shapes create a scalloped pattern that’s softer than their straight edged counterparts.

Sizes: Giant Tiles and Thin Tiles

The most common subway tile measurements are 3″ x 6” with the larger sizes considered to be the ones measuring 4″ x 8″ and 4″ x 12”. In 2019 some of the most popular tile sizes are being measured in feet, not inches. These larger tiles mean less grout lines and will make a space appear bigger. On the other end of the size spectrum, skinny tiles are being grouped to create stacked visual arrangements and patterns.

Materials: Marble, “Wood”, and Glass

From tiles to full slabs, marble brings an element of luxury to any kitchen, now including backsplashes. Wood is not usually a material chosen for use in backsplashes due to it being an area prone to staining and splashing. However, advances in tile designs mean now tile can realistically mimic all types of wood with some versions can even look reclaimed. Glass tile is another material that is being embraced for its eco-friendliness and elevated look.

Finishes: Matte, Metallic, and Hand-Painted

The matte finish trend that has been prominent in fixtures and faucets has now moved into backsplashes that offer an understated look. On the other hand, metallic tiles are trending on backsplashes when a modern or industrial look is trying to be achieved. Luxurious hand-painted tiles create a truly unique result, but can often be expensive. To incorporate the trend while staying on budget, consider applying them as a backsplash border.

Design: More Surface Area and Patterns

Standard kitchen backsplashes measure four inches from the countertop, but in recent years the trend has been creeping higher and higher—some going all the way to the ceiling. Herringbone, sunburst, and chevron patterns are easy ways to use traditional tiles in new ways, especially when alternating finishes and colors.

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