A Letter from Our Owner

When you are planning a home improvement or renovation project, or when you are upgrading commercial property, you have many options when it comes to choosing a contractor. It can be quite confusing as you try to determine which company has the right skills and experience to do the job correctly.

If you are interested in a contractor who will deliver the absolute highest quality work, as well as a customer experience that is second to none, your choice is a simple one – 5th Generation Contracting. Let me tell you about this company that I love.

I founded 5th Generation Contracting in 2003, after spending several years working for two of Atlanta’s largest general contracting companies. I left to strike out on my own because I was tired of making commitments to my customers that went unfulfilled by my employers. Like many in our industry, their focus was on maximizing profits, not keeping promises. I knew I could do better.

I was confident in my abilities because construction is not just a job for me, but is a part of my heritage. My family has been building custom homes and providing high quality renovation services in Ohio since the mid 1800s. That’s where I derived the name for my company – I am the 5th Generation of contractors in my family.

Contracting is in my blood. My earliest memories are of driving to a job site alongside my grandfather, watching he, my father and my uncles put their heart and souls into every job. In those days everything was hand made and custom fit, and was made to last forever. The work was simply magnificent! Some customers waited patiently for two years until my family was available to build their home.

So I grew up loving the smell of wood and sound of hammering! Unusual for a little girl, but ultimately the source of my deep commitment to providing my customers with the absolute best of everything in the work we do. The best materials, the best service, the best designs, the best workmanship. Nothing less will do.

Whether you are undertaking a major renovation project, or just need a small repair job, you are investing your hard earned money. Make sure you get your money’s worth! It won’t cost you any more to hire 5th Generation Contracting and have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that the work will be done perfectly, and supported for years to come.

There is no better testimony to the success of our approach than the fact that most our new work is generated as a result of previous customers enthusiastically recommending us to their family, friends and neighbors. They know that 5th Generation Contracting is solid, experienced, honorable and reliable. These are the qualities you should look for when selecting the company you will trust with your home. These are the qualities our company has in abundance.

We look forward to being able to share the excitement and joy of making your home as beautiful and comfortable as you can dream!

Melissa Bean